Mar 4, 2015

My First Vegetarian Year


I’ve been a  lacto-ovo vegetarian for the last year.

The reason I became vegetarian was motivated by 3 things.

  • Firstly, I became a Buddhist when I came to the Philippines and this leads me to realization of compassion.
  • Secondly I realized that Meat industry is the main cause of Environmental degradation.
  • Also realized weight/health issues and that meat is causing most of it.

For about a half a year, I just started eating more vegetables and tried skipping meat dishes.  I would just eat the vegetables out of the meat dishes.  I attended a 3 day meditation retreat year ago and during that retreat all meals were vegetarian. So when I came back home, I decided I will just continue that diet.

After few months into this, I experienced several changes (although some also maybe related other things I do)

  1. Getting healthier, losing weights
  2. Becoming less angry, more calm and peaceful
  3. becoming happier
  4. More emotional awareness towards animals. (I would have tears when I see animals are slaughtered)

My wife now cooks one Veg meal for dinner and very supportive and as a family we consume less meat than before. Also soon my officemates were really supportive. I’m a private vegetarian as I don’t preach or try to influence others to my belief. And I have acceptance of others food choices.

I decided to become a traditional (lacto-ovo) vegetarian as a transition option. Although I don’t consume Egg and Milk regularly. Don’t use honey. But I know lot of food (especially sweets, pastries and breads) contains them.

I haven’t realized if I would become a vegan yet and what’ will be path or milestones are.


Note : This blog post is based on my comments on a thread on Manila Vegans Facebook group.

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