Feb 26, 2014

Becoming Vegetarian


My friend ask me about becoming vegetarian. These are my thoughts.

1. Why do you want to be a vegetarian ?

Have a think of the reasons why you want to become a vegetarian.

Following were my reasons:-

  • Compassion-I feel killing and hurting animals just for the sake of eating a meat is not virtuous. I have seen many videos on the web about animal cruelty in the meat industry and the pain each of this animal goes through.
  • Health- It is obvious eating vegetables is a very good choice regarding your health.
  • Care about environment - Raising animals for food is not sustainable and this is the biggest impact currently on environment.
  • Economical-Eating vegetables is cheaper.

2. How you feel and your attitude

First you need to realize becoming a vegetarian does not mean you are better than anyone else. Respect others whether they are vegetarian or not.   Also becoming vegetarian does not mean becoming a difficult person. One strong conviction you should have is food is not the 1st priority and people are.  Don't make big deal out of food. Most situations you can find a way to separate the meat from the vegetables, in worst case you will just have to eat bread or rice only or worse nothing. But be ready for that.

3. How to start and move forward

What I did was i started with taking smaller potions of meat first. And then started not buying meals with meat , but still ate meat if it was provided by somebody. Afterwards started not taking the meat , even from a meat dish i would just select only the vegetables and this continued for several months.

After my wife and family was comfortable with it,I then ask her if she can prepare a vegetable dish for me everyday and then I became a full vegetarian.  I also told my office mates so they would also supported me.

First couple of weeks you will probably eat bigger portions to cover for the meat and you would probably eat more eggs and cheese. Eventually you will have to reduce the potions and frequency of Egg and Cheese. 

Also most of the Snacks and sweets are vegetarian so you will have urge to eat lot of cakes, chocolates etc., so slowly reduce them as well.

Good Luck!