Aug 10, 2015

Visa Requirements to Philippines for Sri Lankans

Visa Fee

LKR 7500 (for tourist visa)


Consulate of the Republic of the Philippines
EML Bldg., 5th Floor,
No. 61, W.A.D. Ramanayake  Mawatha, Colombo 00200.

Visa Hours· 9 a.m. To 12 Noon-Monday to Friday except on Sri Lankan holidays


Basic Documentary Requirement For VISAs

(A)   Note Verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a letter from the respective Department

(B) Passport valid for not less than six (6) months after sojourn in the Philippines and a set of Photocopies

(C)  Two copies of 2"x 2"recent coloured photographs

(D) Invitation from the Philippines addressed to the Consulate authenticated by a notary public in the Philippines.

(E) Letter from the Employer stating approval of leave and permanency of the employment. Company Directors should submit the copy of form 20 certified by the Company Secretary

(F) Credit card statements. of visa applicant for last four months to be certified by the respective Financial Institution. Proof of Financial capability e.g. Assets/Ownership, proof of tax Payment bank documents and fixed deposits to be certified by the respective Financial Institution, statement of current account(Last four months statement certified by letter)

(G) Round trip Itinerary/Return confirmed Air ticket if requested

(H) Visa fee

(!) Certified Business Registration of the applicant and the Sponsor
(J) Confirmed hotel accommodation
(K) Undertaking from the Philippine manning agency addressed to the Consulate
(L) Two sets photocopies of Seaman's Book& Passport
(M) Letter of confirmation from the local and foreign shipping agents
(N) Please Note: 

1, Students-endorsement of"STUDENT" (if employed) to be changed to current
Designation in the passport at the time of applying for visa.

11. Spouses-If the spouse is accompanying the applicant, copy of the marriage certificate to be attached together with a letter of confirmation stating that all expenses of the accompanying applicant will be borne by the spouse. If the names of the marriage certificates does not match with the names in the passport, spouse should give a letter confirming both names are of one person and should be authenticated by a JP or a Lawyer.

111. The Applicants Designation in the Passport is mandatory

Scenario Requirements
For Holder of Diplomatic and Official Passports Government officials going to the Philippines on Official Purpose A, B, C, G
For Attending Meetings/Seminars and Study Tours for Ordinary Passports B, C, D , E, F , G , H , I , J
For Business Purpose B, C, D, F,G, H, I , J
For Tourism B, C, E, F, G, H, I, J
For Seaman B, C, K, L, M

· Applicants compliance with documentary requirements does not guarantee Issuance of visa
· Visa processing period (07)SEVEN WORKING DAYS (Not applicable for Diplomats/
Govt. Officials and other Inter, Org.)
Applications without complete requirements will not be accepted for processing and the decision of the processing officer is final,
Originals submitted will not be returned