Jan 8, 2017

How to Achieve Facebook Minimalism

Minimalism is a concept of reducing material things and focus more energy on things you like.  You can apply same concept to your Facebook

1. Unlike pages, that you don’t interact, of irritates or annoys you.
2. Leave the groups that you don’t contribute or learn something from
3. Don’t share other people’s posts or things you see on your newsfeed without conviction and validation. Should share only things you are passionate about.
4. Don’t let anybody post on your wall, delete it then they will get the message
5. Don’t let anybody tag on photos, unless you are in them
6. Same goes with others, don’t tag others unless they’re in the photo
7. Unfollow people who makes you upset or irritates or annoys you, don’t waste time on them

8. Hide the Ads you don’t want to see on your news feed.