Jul 11, 2014

Biking and Working



I enjoy riding my bike every day around the city. I've been noticing there lot of parallels between biking and my work. Here are few thoughts,


Every downhill comes with a uphill and every uphill comes with a downhill

When you are beginner in biking you always look forward to the downhill ride and like to avoid uphill ride. But how hard you try to avoid uphill rides you are unable to avoid them completely. Because every downhill ride will become an uphill ride on your way back.

It’s same at work, you may having a great time right now where everything goes well, you like what is assigned to you. You get praised by your boss and customers. But trouble is around the corner, as the business is constantly changing you will definitely face very stressful situations and difficult people to deal with.

But you should not get discouraged as the biking example uphill ride will soon reach its peak and you will be able enjoy that downhill ride again.


You enjoy the ride more if you ride with friends

I would ride with groups and also would ride solo. But if you ride with friends it’s much more fun and you will learn a lot more about bikes, new routes, shortcuts and new places to eat. Friends will help you if your bike has an issue.

Same applies at work, if you try to become a solo rider at office, you would probably reach your targets but the experience might not be very pleasant. You should make great friendships with your colleagues, customers and even with your managers. When you have great friendship at office you can build good team work, which will be very beneficial in achieving your goals.


When you are in unfamiliar territory let others lead

If I’m riding with a friend in an unfamiliar area, I would always follow my friends who are much more familiar with that area. This is essential so you will not get lost or end up getting into trouble.

This is same at work, there may be situations, tasks that are unfamiliar to you, in this situations it okay to let others lead you, guide you. As a great leader you don’t need to know everything, you can use others experience and expertise when required.


Be prepared , you can have a flat tire any time

When I ride, I always ride with essential bike supplies like Extra Tube, Tube repair kit, air pump, tools, emergency cash etc. Because you can get a flat tire or trouble with your bike anytime and anywhere. I better to be prepared than to my bike 10 kilometers or have to carry it all the way.

This applies to your work and also to your life, always be prepared. Things can go wrong instantly. Always consider having a contingency plan or plan B.


You will feel giving up every time but reaching your destination is rewarding

When I started biking I wanted to give up every time, but when you finally reach that destination you will feel so accomplished. Nothing can beat that feeling. Sometimes you will feel your heart is going to burst or you don’t feel your legs, but when you complete your goal , that tops all those feelings.

In your career you will feel like giving up, you will hate what you are working on, or difficult people you have to deal with, but keep pedaling and do what you are good at, the situations and people change and ultimately you reach your destination.

Note: This is a article I posted on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140711150016-14934770-biking-and-working?trk=prof-post